The extreme urgency of failure possibilities.

In his book The Millionaire in the Mirror, Gene Bedell mentions that there are really only two actions that one should be taking in order to advance their career.
The first type of action gets you closer to your goals.  For example you can accomplish projects or deliver outstanding results.
The second type of action is anything that prevents absolute failure possibilities.  Reaching out to a customer who had a bad experience so that they don't bad mouth your company into the ground is an example of this.  Sending your significant other a romantic note or eating healthier is sometimes necessary to prevent the failure of a relationship or a heart.  
I've been fired in part due to my failure to move heaven and earth after learning about an absolute failure possibility at work.  I had become complacent after three years, after what I consider to be over one thousand days of victories.  Each day moved me somewhat closer to my goal.  But the negative event was fast and absolute.  I …

I WANT THE STOCKS! (Been fired from work).

At first I was insulted because I considered being fired without the opportunity to present my side and supporting evidence (audio tapes, witnesses, and emails) a sign of disrespect.  Did they really think I did the unethical thing they are lying about me doing?

But then I was angry...I AM NOT A LOSER!  How dare they try to lower me to their level.

Now I'm just depressed, because more then anything there is a deep urge in me to buy more of the stocks.  I WANT THE STOCKS!  But I can't buy them yet, not until I get a high paying job.

There is a saying that goes something like this...if you do good will you not be rewarded?  And once again the answer is a resounding no.  There are no rewards in doing the honorable, moral, just, and ethical thing.  There's just a lingering sadness....a what if.

What if I had recorded my bosses as they lied to the workers compensation board so that I don't get back treatment in order for them not to have record able injuries?

What if I had …

Helping a Friend Move Out

I've been trying to help a friend move out of his house today.

Originally he just wanted his clothes and his pictures, but the pictures are optional because as he puts it, "They just represent memories, and memories are in the past."

Yet the more we clean the more he tries to convince me to keep his junk.  "Hey, keep this 30 year old hot wheels car, and hey this unopened sports cards are definitely worth a lot!"

Looked up that stuff on Ebay and they are worth far less then he thinks.

Lucky he has me to throw stuff away as I'm going through his stuff, because the sentimental value has increased to the max.

What is sentimental value?

Well basically stuff gets more valuable to you the longer you have owned it.  Therefore after you've owned something for so long it becomes your most valuable thing financially, and you can't get rid of it on your own.

The chains of sentimental value are real, and prevent many people from experiencing freedom.

If you have…

America's Secret Movement

I have observed a hidden movement but I'm not sure who is promoting it or why.

In short:
The richest group of society is pushing towards simplify.
The middle group of society is pushing towards minimalism.
The poorest group of society is pushing towards essentialism.

A simple life style means you have one of each utensil that you could want.  A minimalism lifestyle means you just have the spork.  And an existentialist lifestyle means you throw out the spork because you can eat with your fingers. 

I'm not sure why the idea of doing with less is even out there, perhaps they're trying to prepare us for a downturn in the markets??

The Slippary Slope Upwards

During the rare occasion when I'm exercising the muscles built while exercising continue to burn fat even after I'm done.  
The dividends just keep rolling into my bank account.
And when I'm lonely the people who I've loved will seek me out first.
What I'm trying to say is that you need to build your slippery slope upwards.  
Everyone of us screws up and falls.  Its great to know that even though I get terminated from my job there will be no rock bottom because my investments will keep pushing me back up.

Got the Hep A Vaccination because of Warren Buffet, Charlie Munger and Benjamin Franklin.

Normally I have all these blog ideas that I want to share with people in order to connect with them.  They get written down on post its and then I write about it whenever I get hours of time to do so.

But I thought this needed to be repeated immediately,

"An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, and a pound of cure, promptly applied, is worth a whole ton of cure."  - Warren Buffet quoting Charlie Munger quoting Benjamin Franklin. *

There has been an outbreak of Hep A nearby.  More and more restaurant workers are being identified as having the disease.  The scare has become so great that my employer decided to offer free vaccinations to its employees.

My thinking went along the lines of "I probably won't get the disease, I've probably been vaccinated, the number of people is less then one ten thousandth of a percent who have it...yeah I'm safe I don't need the vaccination."

Then I remembered that saying,  "An ounce of prevention is wort…

Men should eat less.

Men are stronger than women.
Therefore men have more muscle than women.
Monkeys who eat more calories look older and die sooner.
Humans who eat more calories look older and die sooner.
Men eat more calories then women to maintain their extra muscle.
Therefore men naturally die sooner.

The solution if to eat less calories in order to live as long as your female counterpart.