Warren Buffet's Cure Helped Accelerate my Failure to Maintain my New Year's Resolutions.

"An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.  But I would say a pound of cure promptly applied is worth a ton of cure that's delayed.' 

This quote had dominated my life in these last two weeks. 

The gums had begun peeling away from my teeth, and I knew something was wrong. 

So even though I was at home with the flu, I made an appointment to go see a dentist.  (Sorry dentist!)

It was this quote that gave me the extra motivation needed to go.  I'm using up my savings and putting my retirement at risk, but preventing further tooth problems by promptly curing the emergency as it came up. 

I"m betting that the pound of cure will save me a ton of money in tooth repairs later on. 

Working through the flu

Took me half an hour to stand up this morning because I was so dizzy.

My chest is in the second worst pain its ever been in.

The only thing I know about having the flu is that it sucks. 

Time to get to work.

Because of Jerry Seinfeld Method I just let her go in order to pursue Financial Independence.

For over three years my lover and I haven't seen eye to eye on this financial independence thing.

We're pretty much compatible with nearly everything else.

It hurts, but I've used the extra oomph from focusing on my new year's resolutions to remove my SO from the equation.

You see there is this thing called the Seinfeld method.

Basically I choose which resolutions I wanted to do for the year.  Then I got a calendar and put an X on every day that I do the resolutions.

Can't let anyone get in the way of that X.

Not even my closest.

Been Listening to Jim Rohn, reading Jack Welch, and watching Amish plod by.

Listening to old Jim Rohn seminars has been motivating lately.  His message is good, but I always get uncomfortable listening to things like this.  Something I've picked up on is that people are paying attention and laughing during the jokes, but they are not doing so during the serious parts.  It makes me uncomfortable. 

One of my favorite sayings of Jim Rohn's is that it is not available to you by affirmation, it is available by labor.  That is how I feel as I go about my day putting in as many extra hours as I can during the holiday season.  Yet these people aren't even doing the labor of paying attention in the first place.  Am I just fooling myself when I think that all the paying attention I did during lectures in class is what I should have been doing?  Results are what matter, and these people did become successful enough to afford motivational seminars. 

Another thing I've been doing that cuts into my sleeping time is reading a book called "Winning" …

The 4% Rule

I'd like to set the record straight about something called the 4% rule.
You see the 4% rule basically says that after you retire it is safe to withdraw 4% of your principle each year and never run out of money (which completely ignores the never touch your principle rule).
My imaginary friends like to ask me, Minimum Wage Ninja, what do you think of the 4% rule?
Well I think it is better than the 50% rule.  But it is worse than the 1% rule.  
You see cash is king, and having a lot of money sit there is great and all.
But kings can only move one square.  
Dividends Are Queen.  
You can take the cash from the dividends and move them anywhere that you like.
That is power.

Noone else has time so make some friends in the middle class.

There is this theory that I remember reading before.  I think it might have been Peter Drucker.

Basically people are either becoming incredibly intelligent knowledge workers with high wages, or they are becoming incredibly strong physical labor workers with low wages.

I've been mulling this theory over in my mind as I fantasize about achieving financial independence in the future.

Its like the workforce is becoming an hour glass with the high paid people on top, a few in the middle, and the lower paid people on the bottom.

Now the highly paid people on top do not have time for you, because their time is valuable.  They have to put in the extra hours to stay on top of their field.

Likewise the lowly paid people on bottom do not have time for you, because their time is valuable.  They have to put in the extra hours just to make the ends meet.

But the guy in the middle?  They don't necessarily have to improve to get to the top, nor do they need to put in so many hours.  They are …

You don't need gimmicks to win, what's a bitcoin anyways?

The bitcoin appears to be some sort of opportunity or bubble or something. 

But I really have no idea what it is.  And until I reach Financial Independence I really have no business looking into it.

jlcollinshnh over at his website has a post entitled The Market Always Goes Up.  So I go to work for minimum wage and buy whatever DRIP plans I can.  That plan I understand.  That plan I can follow.  Do not get distracted by the gimmicky gambles.  The bitcoin could go to a million tomorrow and I'll be okay. 

Back before the 2009 market collapse I remember seeing these ads on how easy it is to buy and flip houses.  Now I'm seeing all kinds of bitcoin ads on how easy it is to buy bitcoins and sell later when they increase in price.  Perhaps I'll lose some money by not gambling on something I know nothing about, but its better than losing sleep on it.