People Who Win the Lottery End up Broke

I've heard that a significant percentage of people who win the lottery end up bankrupt.
They simply did not have what it takes to handle the wealth that they were hoping to get.
What brings these people down?  Is it a bad attitude that brings these people down?  Is it a lack of resources other than finances?  Is it a lack of a support system?  I don't have the answers, but I do see this as a  serious and important question.
This is important because we have all won lotteries.  
I've won the time lottery, this being the greatest time in the history of earth to be alive. I've won the genetic lottery, because clearly I'm smarter than the loser who passed me driving down the road this morning. I've won the country lottery, having been born in a country that other people risked life and limb to get to. I've won the physical health lottery, because I can still walk, talk, and take action.
Despite all this?  I'm becoming bankrupt in health, wealth, and relatio…

Do Nothing in Moderation

If you are going to improve your health, then diet as much as you can. If you are going to improve your finances, then make as much money as you can. If you are going to make love then put those illicit movies to shame.
There are many losers who try to justify their self destructive actions by claiming that everything should be done in moderation.  But ya know what?
When I quit smoking I threw the cigarettes away and never bought them again.  I was wrong to have smoked my health away.  Maybe at one point it was the right choice, but when crap hit the fan I had to discard that which made me weak and unable to deal with the stresses of life.  All the cigarettes had to go.  
Because this is important, I will not hold back.

Timing the Market

I have heard many people say that you shouldn't try to time the market.

So being the contrarian that I am, today I'm going to try and time the market.

By the market I mean the New York Stock Exchange.  It should open around nine thirty and close around four or so.  But we'll see.

If everything goes as planed there will be six and a half hours to buy as much ownership of companies as I can.  It is a good time to buy no matter which hour I purchase more ownership in.  This is because, as J.L. Collins puts it, the market always goes up.

There is no such thing as Early Retirement

I'm guilty of falling into the trap of thinking that people can retire early.  That simply isn't true.

Retirement happens when you've earned enough passive income to cover your expenses.  Age has nothing to do with it.  You are now working because you want to, not because you have to.

There is nothing early about retirement.

This was on my mind due to the recent article that claims because people are living to be over 100 years old, it should be law to push back the retirement age to 70.

It is insanity to think that people want to spend their longer lives on working for the man.  Its like they just don't understand what motivates people to live longer lives at all.

Here is the reality and I'll say it again, retirement happens when you earn it.  Some earn it as a teenager by being a trust fund baby.  Some earn it in their 20's or 30's.  Some in their 60's.  But don't let anyone take that away from you.  There is no way that I am working longer to…

Steve Jobs did not take his privilege for granted

I've been listening to Steve Job's commencement speech.  He talks about how he was privileged enough to have his parents pay for his college, but since college wasn't doing for him what he thought it would, he dropped out.

Wow, just wow.  I mean how many immature losers would have simply kept going on their parents dime?  Count me as one of them.

My favorite quote from the entire speech is, "Remembering that you are going to die is the best way I know to avoid the trap of thinking you have something to lose.  You are already naked.  There is no reason not not follow your heart."

This man even recognized that his life is a privilege, which is truly amazing.

Another man that didn't take his privilege for granted is Joshua Kennon.

On his personal blog he posts about advice privilege that he received from his parents.  He tells about how that privilege helped to liberate him in his life.

Yet another person I know pushes her beauty capital privilege to get paid…

Why do the poor people give money to charities?

I'll just come out and say it, I do not give money to charities.

Luckily there is an internet between the reader and myself, because if I were to say this face to face I'd quickly lose any respect from the person I'm talking to.

Yes there are good causes, and yes in the future when I can afford to give then I will.

But while I'm stuck down here in povertyville making minimum wage I have absolutely no business doing it.

Its like trying to provide a place to sleep for a friend.  First of all I gotta build the financial house up before I can help them.

There are some people who give 10%+ of their money every week, and it just baffles me.

"But I only give whatever is extra."

Listen, until you are financially independent there is NOTHING extra.    Every single dollar needs to go towards building your financial house.

It may feel good to help someone else's family.  But if it comes at the cost of my own family, then its a no go.

Wish my character was stron…

The Rich ARE Getting Richer

When I was drinking a beer, the rich were out there getting richer. When I was chasing skirts, the rich were out there getting richer. When I was playing games, the rich were out there getting richer.  When I was educating myself, the rich were out there getting richer. When I was at church, the rich were out there getting richer. When I was learning how to defend myself, the rich were out there getting richer. When I was trying to impress my boss, the rich were out there getting richer. When I was fighting the punk who elbowed me in a basketball game, the rich were out there getting richer. When I was just surviving, the rich were out there getting richer.
That's what they do.  Its time to seriously consider what I'm doing and why it ain't getting richer.