Men should eat less.

Men are stronger than women.
Therefore men have more muscle than women.
Monkeys who eat more calories look older and die sooner.
Humans who eat more calories look older and die sooner.
Men eat more calories then women to maintain their extra muscle.
Therefore men naturally die sooner.

The solution if to eat less calories in order to live as long as your female counterpart.

High School Math is Used Every Day

This is all the math that you need to remember.
Given that X = the previous amount, then
Money > X Health< X Relationships = X

In other words everyday you have three goals. You have to make the money number get bigger. You have to make the health number (calories, body fat % etc) get smaller. You have to keep the same number of deep relationships as you had the previous day.
And that's it.

Rolling the 100 sided die of success.

Everyday I get up and I choose to roll the die of success.  On the die is 99 sides marked F, which stands for Failure.  Only one side is marked S, which stands for success.

Now I don't believe you get to choose which die you are born with.  But I do believe that most people have an opportunity to roll that die.

And my willingness to do so is what separates me from the herd.  One day I'll win.

The Art of Shutting Your Mouth

One of the things that I'm learning how to do is to shut my mouth.

I've never met someone who wanted the truth.  Everyone wants what they are thinking to be right.

It was a joke the number of times I had to lie to people while working at Walmart because otherwise they would make a nightmare for you or try to get you wrote up.

But this current job has made me far more aware of it.  I've never spoken up and not been punished for it in this current job.  And I'm glad to have learned this lesson, specifically:

"Shut your mouth, people killed others merely for having a different opinion based on scientific facts."

Back when Persia was an empire nobody wanted to be the messenger, because killing the messenger was a real thing that went on.  This is a subconscious thing that we all do, we can't help it.  For example they killed that guy that proved the earth was round. 

Noone wants the truth, so its best just to shut up and keep your head down.

Rich VS Poor Income Inequality

The world gives you stuff, if you own that shit it'll give you more expensive stuff, or if you don't it'll give you less stuff and eventually stop giving at all.

I mean the rich get given a bunch of stuff, but the poor get stabbed in the back and robbed for their money.

I think it was in the Bible, somewhere it says to him who has more will be given, but to him who does not have, even what he does have will be taken away. 

So now that you've been told three times a simple truth, you know what to do. 

Do whatever it takes to get some, and let compounding do the work.

Fish where the fish are.

At risk of ruining a perfectly good title.

I think its silly that people are looking wherever is easiest to fulfill their life.

The people at work turn to coworkers to find love.
The people at the gym turn to each other to form social groups.
The people at church create their own exercise groups.
The people at the bar are there on an important business deal.

Like for real people?  You actually have to go to the lake if you want to catch a fish.  You can't just throw a lure out the window because it happened to rain yesterday.

The Mid Life Partner

When I was younger I thought I was supposed to be given a woman to stand beside me and create a life together.

It just never happened.

Now that I'm older I realize that I can't go back and do it over with someone. 

I'll never have that experience of sharing a life together, a life partner is forever out of reach.

The best I can do now is find a mid life partner. 

I never wanted to be alone, I always wanted a friend.

Fairly soon I'll just have to accept that it wasn't in the cards I suppose.

But it sucks.