College Won't Give You a Good Paying Job

My mother always said that I needed to go to college to get a good paying job.  My father said that he wouldn't give me a dime to go to college.

It was the next mandatory task that I was supposed to do.  I had a meeting with my guidance counselor and the dean of admissions of an in state private school.  They promised me that if I went to their college and graduated that I would be able to get out of poverty.  That just by graduating the college would give me a good paying job in my chosen career field.  And due to my many scholarships, including a full ride, the college costs would be covered.

But it was a lie.  The college took my scholarship money and never applied it to me.  The college didn't teach me what I wanted to learn.  The college never gave me a job.  All the college does for me is to call me up and ask for donations.  That is reality.

They are there to make a profit off of you, because they think young people without their crap together is the easiest prey.

I …

Save Money By Using Your Hands

There is one thing that we all need.  Everyone is doing it.  If you go without for a few days, then the desire to get some will overwhelm you.

That thing is drinking water.

Now most people wrap their water up in a plastic cup.  But have you considered using your hands?  If not, then it is time to unleash the beast.  There is something mindblowingly primal about drinking with your hands.

The correct technique is to clasp your hands together like you've just clapped.  Open them 45 degrees and dip them in the water.  Quickly bring that water to your mouth as fast as possible!  Be refreshed.  Build that arm strength.  Enjoy life.

The math is supportive of this.  A good plastic cup will run you like a dollar at the discount store.  Yet that same dollar if invested for 100 years at 10% will end up being $13,780.61.  That's enough money for a solid gold cup!

$73 dollars invested at 10% for 100 years will end up being $1,005,984.70.  That's over a million dollars!  Now the stock …

Life is Fair, Just not Easy

For days I've been watching the Dave Ramsey Show video clips on Youtube.  
I really hate this stuff.  There is nothing worse then hearing the story of someone who does not get what they had coming.  I played by the rules, I did things the right way, yet I didn't succeed and don't have any hope left of doing so.  But these people who screwed off all their life and got into over half a million dollars in debt are given the opportunity to turn it around within a few years?  What about us people who did everything correctly, why's that not my opportunity huh?
Perhaps its a character default of mine.  But who cares?
What I've come to realize while watching this show is that life is fair to these people after all.  Sure they screwed up.  But they also did what they had to do to get out of their messes.  I suppose that's fair.  
It is amazing how many people appear to not actually be aware of the decisions that they are making.  They chose to give up their marriage wh…

The Two Account Plan

I'm going to share the masterful two account plan.  
All you need for life is two accounts.  One account is a savings, and the other account is a checkings.
The purpose of the savings account is to hold your emergency money.  Find a penny on the ground?  Put it in the savings.  Pawn some stuff?  Put it in the savings.
You want to pretend this money doesn't exist.  Don't let anyone know about it.  Its only purpose is to handle the emergencies that pop up, such as going to the hospital.
The other account is the checking's account.  Everything else in your financial life should go through this account.  
Got paid an insurance claim?  Put it in the checking's account. Sued someone and won?  Put it in the checking's account. Need to pay rent?  Pay them from the checking's account.   Got a paycheck?  Put what you can in the checking's account.   Need to buy groceries?  Only if there's money in the checking's account.  
One account pays for your future…

How to Have a Positive Net Worth

This is so simple I can't believe nobody ever thought of it.

The easiest way to have a positive net worth is by not owing anybody anything.  Kinda like the homeless man on the street corner.

You see loans are evil creatures, designed to shackle your balls and hold you back from doing what you want to do.  You want to go to the bar and chase skirts?  Too bad, you got work to do to pay them student loans off.  You want to have a nice dinner without cooking?  Too bad, you are obligated to work and get that mortgage paid off.  You want to go out in the woods with your collection of throwing daggers and practice hitting every target that you find?  Too bad, your time is obligated to working so that the people who loaned you money can get paid back and feed their own families.

To take money without intending to pay it back on time makes you a thief.  Being a thief means you must have your hand chopped off.  Having your hand chopped off makes it harder to get laid.  Protect yourself by …

The Secret to Happiness is a low Credit Score.

I got a low credit score.  Who cares?

Either they'll loan me the money or they won't.

It appears that the reason my credit score is low is because I don't have a credit card.

I'll gladly sacrifice your imaginary credit score number if it means that I never have to deal with real credit card debt hell.

But what about the flying miles?  And the rewards points?  And the 1% cash back!!!

Screw it.

Perhaps some elites have the self control to benefit from those tools.  But not little ole me living down here in povertyville.  I'd buy a 70" T.V. with that thing.

So forget your credit nonsense.  It ain't worth it.

Only invest in stocks.

There I said it.  Up there in the title.  This post is done.

This is not advice, but do as I say.

I only put my money into stocks.  They have the highest return out of most of the asset classes.

If you want a better career or want to start a business, then you may dabble in those fields.

But at the end of the day when we're still taking home minimum wage, ya need to turn to your old faithful friend.  The stock market.